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NYG™ - Ultra Slim Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

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Hygienic, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly!

Cleaning with bidet is gentle on your skin and sustainable for the environment, realize the organic combination of environmental protection, economy, comfort, and cleanliness.
✅  Non-Electric Bidet Spray - power comes from water pressure, it is safer to use without plugging in. Mechanical and no electricity or battery needed. Suitable for all ages.
✅  Self-cleaning - single cold and single spray hip wash (women private cleaning). The nozzle has an automatic cleaning function, eliminating the need to clean the nozzle.
✅  Easy Installation - the adjustable nozzle and water pressure control, use cold water, easy to install in minutes. 
✅  Practical Design - Ultra-slim design. Suitable for a variety of toilets. Water pressure controls manually, adjustable soft to strong spray for your most enjoyable experience. Water temperature can be controlled for needs, so it is suitable for four seasons

Package includes:
1 x NYG™ - Ultra Slim Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment