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Blind Spot Detection System

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Every auto manufacturer approaches the problem of Blind Spot Detection System in a slightly different manner, but we can loosely group the new blind-spot monitoring technologies into two different categories: active and passive. Active Blind Spot Monitoring: A typical blind spot monitoring system uses some kind of electronic detection device(s) mounted on the sides of the car (often in the vicinity of the external rearview mirrors or near the rear bumpers) that sends out either electronic electromagnetic waves (usually in the radar wavelengths) or takes computer-processed images with a digital camera and analyzes them. When one of these detectors notices another vehicle getting too friendly with your car, it tells you about it, usually by flashing a light in the driver's peripheral vision or by making audible sounds often using both methods, depending on how likely it looks that you're going to steer your car into the other car. In the most advanced systems, your car will even try to steer itself back into the safety zone of its previous lane.

Luxury cars are the most likely to have Blind Spot Detection System(BMW's vibrates the wheel if you try to make an unsafe lane change) and these active blind spot avoidance systems are not available in all models of the car yet, even from those manufacturers that have already introduced them. They're typically an optional item and will set you back at least a few hundred extra bucks, possibly thousands if they come as part of a more extensive safety package. But the good news is that prices are dropping rapidly and within a few years most new cars will have safety systems like this or at least will offer them as easily affordable options.


1. This Blind Spot Detection System is a vehicle assistance device that helps driver lane changing safely during driving.

2. With the aid of 58KHZ Ultrasonic sensor, probe the side/rear of the vehicle for those moving objects into the blind spot of the detection zone.

3. The system works in a set of a control box (controlled by the computer), two Ultrasonic sensors, two blind region monitor (or LED light), a buzzer and the wire harness which is the perfect connection of Ultrasonic and computer.

4. There is blind zone at the rear of the vehicle which is easy to endanger driving safety.! When you installed Blind Spot Detection System into your lovely car, no matter it's day time, night time or even in the snow, you can be alerted whenever there is a moving object pop into the rear of the vehicle, with the aid of LED lighting on, blinking, buzzer sound so that the driver can be cautious when lane changing to avoid the possibility of side crash accident.

5. When you get ready to get off, open the door, if someone moves behind, it will also give an accurate alarm.


Please Read The Instructions Carefully Before Installation!!!


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Type: Universal Blind Spot Detection System (BSM)

Electricity Voltage: 12V

Maximum Power: 5W (max)

Working Temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Storage Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85℃

Waterproof level: IP67K

Detection Range: 0m – 5m.

Detection Range Accuracy: ±3cm


1* User Manual

1* Blind Spot Detection System