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NYG™ - Smart Faucet

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 Automate Your Home Faucet!

When the sensor enters the side sensing area (within a limited distance of 5 cm), the water began to flow out. The current lasts for three minutes, and the water remains to flow out even if the sensory object leaves. If the sensor enters the side sensing area again during the water flow process, the water can be stopped at any time.

✅   Smart Sensing - reach out your hand to be sensed, water will flow out, no longer need to manually repeat switching faucets. Do not transfer stains to faucets to avoid cross-contamination which gives you a clean life and good feelings.

   Air Injection Technique - increases the proportion of air in the process of water out, making the water spray soft and delicate, with more scouring power. At the same time, reduce the time of not being used effectively, so that the water flow rate reached 0.07L/S. Water-saving and environmental protection.

✅  Easy installation - using supporting tools, only two steps, easy installation. 6 sets of adapters (internal M20/M22/G1/2 and external M20/M22/M24 adapters) are more widely used and can be used with mainstream faucets in the market.

✅  USB Charging -  No need to change the battery frequently, use a USB cable to charge, charge for 3 hours, and use about 6 months.


Package includes:

1 x NYG™ - Smart Faucet

1 x USB Charging Cable