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NYG™ - Electric Clothes Hanger

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Purpose Of Fast Drying!


The air ducts at both ends and the linear air outlet at the bottom of the fuselage ensure uniform and fast drying of the clothes. Dry all items evenly from the inside out.

  Hanger Dryer - You can use clothes hanging on the hanger to dry. When not using the drying function, it can be used as a hanger. There is also a catheter for shoes, which can be used not only to dry clothes but also to dry shoes. Because it can deal with the dehumidification, sterilization, and odor resistance of clothes and shoes, it can keep clothes and shoes dry and protect family health.

  Overheat protection & Energy-Saving - if the temperature rises due to clogged ventilation holes, the operation will automatically stop. Very energy-saving, low power consumption, and very safe to use.

  Dehumidification Effect - when drying clothes in the bedroom, it can also be used as a dehumidifier in the room to protect your health. The operation sound is very quiet and will not interfere with children's study, work, sleep, etc.

  Easy to Carry - small in size, easy to carry, foldable, and quick to dry.


Package includes:

1 x NYG™ - Electric Clothes Hanger