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NYG™ - UV Sterilizer Bag

$129.95 $259.90


Simply drop your items in, zip the bag, push the button, then you could return for your freshly cleaned items.

  Durable & Easy To Clean - easy to wipe clean thanks to its strong and waterproof polyester fabric make. Its inner electric panel can be detached for cleaning. Its LED bulb beads are unlike the ordinary fragile UV light lamps which are guaranteed to last a long time

  Safe Quality Material - high-quality water-resistant twill polyester (stronger than cloth),non-fraying stitching, and strong zippers, its middle spacer is easily detachable and washable.

  Clean Anything That Fits - convenient appliance for health and household accessories. For busy individuals, especially moms, the box can fit in baby bottles and toys, jewelry, beauty tools, underwear, kitchen sponge, toothbrush, gadgets like the tablet, and many more!


Package includes:

1 x NYG™ - UV Sterilizer Bag